A marketing platform like no other. Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Let Mavyn AI Analyze your brand and create your ads

What is Mavyn?

We are re-inventing how digital ads are created and deployed. 

And helping relieve your other marketing pain along the way. 

Build and train campaigns

Marketers answer questions on audience profile, targeting, goals and budget, training the system with preferences.

Generate ad variants

Mavyn generates hundreds to thousands of ad variants based on data set, industry norms, trends and best practises.

Test ads in software at scale

Ad variants are shown virtually in software to simulated users at massive scale, in parallel, until an optimized set wins

Deploy ads automatically

Marketers can set budget and duration, and deploy optimized ads in seconds. Mavyn uses AI to schedule ad deployment to further optimize performance.

Mavyn creates images using AI and optimizes for your ads

Use the pre-built text and image variations

The image you select for your ads — including the quality, coloring, orientation and content — can produce dramatic differences in ad clicks and conversion results.

But with millions of image choices, it is impossible for a marketer to reliably select the image that performs the best

It should be easier

Our mission at Mavyn is to eliminate the need for marketers to waste time and money creating, testing and optimizing online ads.
Our AI-driven ad platform enables marketers to leverage machine learning, generative AI, and computer vision capabilities at massive scale to produce the mostly highly converting ad, automatically, every time.
With the push of a button a marketer can now create and launch online ads with certainty that they will perform.
Mavyn AI saves marketers time and money

Reach out to us to learn more about Mavyn.